Archaeological park "Caldenegros"

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Archaeologic Park Caldenegros


Caldenegros Park occupies a large space of almost 10,000 square meters. It is located at the foot of the monumental acropolis. The archaeological data provided by this place afford much more complete information about the entire old town of Osuna. It is a fundamental reference for understanding the monumental area of ​​the town. Research has provided data on medieval and modern Osuna. It highlights an important section of the defensive system, as well as the urban structures associated with it. Even the outskirts of the Blacks have been detected.

This process has been fundamental for the knowledge of the area. In this way, an extensive cycle of Osuna's unknown medieval past has been documented. The foundational moments of the wall are detailed. Also the peripheral neighborhoods in the Andalusi period, from the beginning of the taifa -XI century-. In addition to evidencing the Almoravid and Almohad occupation, as well as the Christian conquest - mid-thirteenth century. A consolidated conquest with the presence of the Order of Calatrava that assumes the defense and coordination of the border with the Kingdom of Granada from Osuna, under the dictates of the Crown of Castile.

Caldenegros, as a monumental space, demonstrates the importance of Osuna throughout history. It has also offered a detailed reading of the passage of different cultures and civilizations through the centuries. Thus, it has revealed data of special importance about the life and characteristics of the medieval town. All this since the end of the s. X until the beginning of the s. XVIII. Unknown data so far.

The space presents a landscaped area, highlighting the presence of indigenous species that demonstrate the environmental framework of that period, with those of the Mediterranean variant prevailing in your typology.

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